Classic Traveller

Pirates, Rogues, and Others

In the first decade of the 23rd century, life has never been better, except for the war in the first decade that claimed nearly a million lives; problems remain. Earth, in its eternal wisdom, decided that for humanitarian reasons, would take a greater hand in the control of the colonies. The conflict that erupted, seeing the formation and fall of the Colonial Alliance, ended with the ascension of Executive Director Ming, and little else for a measure of victory. The Colonial Fleet, broken, fled to become the “Ghost Fleet” acting as privateers or outright pirates. The Colonial Army, retreating to become insurgent forces; this all has ended officially, the Director wishing to mend the broken fences. Except signatories on documents often carry little force, vows of loyalty, as worthless as the electrons that carry them. Now, two years later, it is a new day, and those who have served on either side, and those that tried to avoid the conflagration, can all happily view the cotillions on video, of what some call the “Celestial Imperium”, Earth’s fractured rule across the Human continuum.

Use book 1 Characters and Combat (The Traveller Book or Starter Traveller as well) or supplement 4 Citizens of the Imperium, for character generation; simple character generation can be used also from the alien modules for Darrians, Droyne, Vargr, or Aslan. The aliens are re-named Erina for Darrians, Dracor for the Droyne.