Zaphod Sissermahn

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Zaphod Sissermahn

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Zaphod Sissermahn

Human male age 34 UPP8CBCA9
4 terms. 1 term Marine Support, final rank Lt. 3 terms Scout ( exploration, survey, communications) final rank Senior Scout.
Skills: JoT-3 Melee (unarmed)-2 Vacc suit-1 Astrogation-1 Pilot (spacecraft)-1 Leader-1 Navigation-1 Engineering (life support, power, Mdrive, Jdrive, each at)-1
Pilot-0 Athletics-0 Tactics-0 Heavy weapons-0 gun combat-0 medic-0 space science-0 computer-0 stealth-0 survival-0

Marine officer, former Co. Ally. Zaphod helped the officer avoid serious repercussions following a disastrous mission.
Scout. Ally. An old friend and partner from his exploration days.
Alien. Contact. A Droyne Sport that was his counterpart during a cultural liaison. They got on very well and parted on good terms.

Zaphod grew up knowing he wanted to be a Scout.
After completing school he applied for the Scout service, but was drafted into the space marines instead.
He wasn’t particularly happy with this- but managed to be assigned to a support ( technical) unit. He just “ got on with it”, and was a fairly good soldier.
He proved surprisingly good in fact, recieving a commission and the option of a promising career as a marine. To his commander’s disappointment
Zaphod mustered out as soon as his 4 years were up. He re-applied to the Scouts, successfully this time.
Spending several happy terms in the service, transferring between all three departments to experience all the career had to offer. He got to travel extensively around the frontiers of human space.
A chance encounter and a torrid romance led to marriage. The relationship was turbulent and adversely affected his job. Eventually leading to his reluctant retirement from the Scouts. When the relationship imploded soon after he did not handle it well.
Zaphod is currently penniless, owning little beyond the clothes he stands in, fresh out of rehab, and working through a few issues.
He is an amiable, if slightly distracted chap. Unusually smart and resourceful, he is however definitely a jack of all trades and master of none.
In terms of appearance he is a pleasant looking, if unkempt, shortish man in good health- sporting a very questionable moustache.
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