Mindara ‘Next time’ Cyckali

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Mindara ‘Next time’ Cyckali

Post by Austronaut » Sat Sep 22, 2018 2:26 am

Mindara ‘Next time’ Cyckalii

Human Female
Age: 34


Next Time Cyckalii is something of a legend in mercenary circles. She joined the mercenary companies in her late teens after running away from home and quickly proved a promising recruit with a natural aptitude for all manner of martial skills. At the conclusion of basic training she won a coveted place in an armored cavalry company as well as promotion to Lieutenant and seemed to have a bright future ahead of her.

It wasn’t until she was deployed to her first combat zone that the ‘problems’ began. The first assignment was to a garrison on a wartorn moon. Prior to Cyckalii’s arrival motar attacks and ambushes were a nearly daily occurrence. On the day she arrived, a peace was brokered between the government and the insurgents. To everyone’s shock the peace held and the garrison was pulled out nine months later. After nearly a year of training Mindi felt a little cheated of her chance to finally see action but she consoled herself that she would get them ‘Next time’.

The next time was on Kapprabane where a lightning strike crushed the Federals while Cyckalii’s unit was still in jump. After that came Regulius Minora where a plague broke out and the mercenaries could not be landed. Time after time the action died just as Cyckalii reached it. After four years of service, and not a shot fired in anger, she developed a reputation as a jynx and her comrades began referring to her mockingly a ‘Next Time’ Cyckalli.

In desperation she transferred to the Commandos certain that covert action would guarantee some sort combat, the key to promotion and more importantly respect within the Company. Unfortunately by this point her superiors, all soldiers are superstitious, had bought into the jynx and insisted she be assigned to training cadre. This was a logical choice as she had all the right skills, but it didn’t bring her the combat experience she needed and desired. It also spread the legend throughout the company.

After 12 years in service and without Mindara Cyckalli firing a shot at an enemy soldier the end of the war and the lack of demand for mercenaries put our heroine on the beach with no money and few options. After kicking around for a year or so, some old associates steered her towards a shady ‘acquisitions’ outfit and her career as a pirate began...

Skills so far: Gun Combat 3, Demolitions 2, Recon 2, Medical 1 , mechanical 2, Gunnery, Zero G combat, vehicle, battledress

May tweak skills slightly for group synergy
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