Empress Joaninha

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Empress Joaninha

Post by dragoner » Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:35 pm

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Joaninha Ming: b. 2149 (Japanese: Akira; Joaninha, in Portuguese: Ladybug), Executive Director of the ruling council, previously the Councilor for Commerce. Former CEO of the Apollo Corporation (né Joan Akira), major manufacturer of Spacecraft, with multiple subsidiary corporations across the continuum.

Born to a wealthy Japanese-Brazilian family on Commerce O’Neill in the Golden Second (light seconds from Earth, the Moon being approximately 1.3ls distant), she is familiar with luxury, as the orbital habitats never have experienced anything near the terrestrial crisis. In true, her reign as pseudo- “Empress” of the Celestial Imperium has been towards what she terms “Crystal Elegance”, which betrays an attitude of disdain for the “dirty” colonials.

Nevertheless, unlike monarchs of old, she is not a warlord, and uninterested in the military aspect of the war, which she left to the high command to prosecute. After the Aceh Tether bombing, she was quick to seek peace, ending the war.

Often the observation that Joaninha is the smartest person in the room, is valid; in character, she will let others speak first, before stating her summary. It is by Joaninha’s will and ability that she has risen to the top, however driven by the desire for her own prestige, she is a patriot for Earth, better or worse for the rest of the universe.

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