Light Mortars

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Light Mortars

Post by dragoner » Fri Mar 27, 2020 5:42 pm

Mortars: Mortars have a basic chance of 7+ to hit any personnel within the blast
radius of the mortar round, using the target characteristic DM's of a 4 cm RAM
grenade HE round* and doing 6D damage. The ROF is the number of rounds that
may be fired per combat round for the first three minutes of firing. After that, crew
fatigue will reduce the ROF to the number of rounds shown per minute. At each
tech level past the initial introduction, add one to the burst radius for light and
medium mortars, add two to the burst radius of heavy and very heavy mortars, and
add 10% to the range of all mortars.

TL 7; Range 1.65 km; ROF 5; Burst (radius) 4 m.

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