Vargr Infighting

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Vargr Infighting

Post by dragoner » Mon May 13, 2019 11:46 pm

Infighting: The individual is skilled in the aspects of close combat
peculiar to Vargr. It is similar to the human brawling skill.
Infighting allows the use of teeth at close range or claws at short
range, with a DM + 2 to hit. In addition, a Vargr receives a DM of
+ 1 if his charisma is higher than his opponent's; Vargr always have
a higher charisma than non-Vargr for this purpose.

Infighting skill also allows surrender by an individual losing a fight
if both individuals have infighting skill. The surrender is given by
simply quitting the fight and going limp; the winner automatically
accepts the surrender. If the winner is of lower charisma than the
loser, the two exchange charisma values (but a rise in charisma may
not exceed 3 points).

Combat: A Vargr character may use hands, teeth, claws, or a
weapon to attack in any combat round. Only one type of attack
may be made in any given round.

Vargr claws are nowhere nearly as effective as animal claws.
Treat them as claws-2 on the regular Traveller combat table.

Infighting skill increases attacks made with hands, teeth, claws,
and normal "brawling" weapons. Their physiology makes it impossible
for them to kick while engaging in close combat.

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