Vladimir (WX Ursae Majoris)

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Vladimir (WX Ursae Majoris)

Post by dragoner » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:47 pm

Vladimir Planet Map.png
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Vladimir, 15.76 light-years (4.832 parsecs) from Sol, so named after the ancient Russian Duchy of Vladimir, it was first explored in 2083 by long range scouts from Earth; and Russian Federation colonists arrived shortly after. It orbits a M1V (G 176-11) spectral type red dwarf, part of a binary system that includes a M6V (WX Ursae Majoris) sibling. Vladimir is tidal locked to its star where in the eye of the storm, the temperatures can reach 136°C, to the depths of the shadow where they can fall to -71°C; the settled northern twilight zones the temperature is a little more moderate 50° to -35°. Gravity is slightly heavy at 1.193 Terra's, and the air a bit thin at 0.2 atm, requiring the wearing of respirators outside. Vegetation in the twilight zone has a dark color, that has been remarked to be "as grey as pravda paper" due to the dim light of the M1V star. Planetary circumference is slightly higher than Earth's at 44,736.279 km. Tereshkova, the capital, comprising the metropolitan area with about 17 million people between it and the tether in the south, with about 3 million on the Kazach'i islands to the east. Vladimir in general is known for heavy industry, with a specialty of space craft, being manufactured to one TL level higher than planetary norms (TL E), generally well thought of for their durability on the frontier, such as the Boeing-Energia SF-833 800 ton Orbit to Orbit Freighter.

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