Earth (Sol)

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Earth (Sol)

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Earth, the cradle of Humanity, a place where hate, war, poverty, want, disease; all have been banished, her nearly five billion denizens dwell in a park-like atmosphere, a veritable paradise on Earth. This has come at a price, the “POP” or Price of Peace, and end to Nation-states, to quarreling, to being anti-social; much of it helped to come to pass by the universal AI “Gaia.” The adventurers, malcontents, the rugged individualists, have left for the most part, aided by Earth to do so as it is in their own interests. Some call Earth, Gaia’s “People Zoo,” a disgruntled few; however it is hard to argue with the result, things have never been better on Earth.

The Capital of the Sol System is on the Moon, in a city built specifically for that purpose, and where decisions are made that affect the entire Human Continuum. At Lagrange points L1 and L2, are massive O’Neill cylinders named Peace (L1) and Freedom (L2) that eight and ten million respectively, another 100 million live in various stations of around the Earth’s orbit. The government of the Sol System is an “Electronic Direct Democracy” (or EDD), many vote directly, most have just configured voting software; there is a representative body in the Solar Congress, and a judicial body in the Council of Nine. The Congress elects a Prime Minister, President, and confirms the appointment of various other ministers; overall management is done by Gaia. There have been those in the government who have proposed calling the Sol System, and the Human Continuum as a whole, the “Celestial Imperium.” Currently Earth system prefers a light touch, letting other systems rule themselves in the manner they see fit as long as no crimes against humanity are committed.

The economy of the Solar System is early Post-scarcity; the average citizen does not handle currency, instead accounts and markets are managed by Gaia. Labor is done by robots, so that the idea of work for money is inefficient, as is the idea of poverty. Resources are still allocated, not only by need, but by various policies, such as entrepreneurship from both individuals and Corporations. The stakeholder collective is the model of a corporate entity, and businesses in general, and boards are run democratically, electing officers. This economic system governs the Sol System and some other colonies directly for the most part, beyond, in other star systems; different economic models are used, including more traditional cash economies.
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