Anterra (Wolf 46)

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Anterra (Wolf 46)

Post by dragoner » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:24 pm

Anterra w Juliana 3.png
Anterra w Juliana 3.png (1.26 MiB) Viewed 259 times
Juliana and East Side.png
Juliana and East Side.png (482.73 KiB) Viewed 259 times
Sidereal Traveller pg75 wolf 46.png
Sidereal Traveller pg75 wolf 46.png (152.59 KiB) Viewed 259 times
NAME: Anterra (Wolf 46 I Beta)
UWP: A553AS3-F (J)
PBG: 123
TRADE CODES: High Population, Poor
ALLEGIANCE: Alien ruled, neutral (non-aligned)
SATELLITE DETAILS: Paloma, F340722-F, Orbit: 6
Basic World Type: Planet
Planet Diameter: 4,900 miles (7,840 km)
Planet Density: Rocky Body, 0.62 terra
World Mass: 0.151 terra
World Gravity: 0.388 terra
Planet Orbit Period:
Stellar Mass: 0.57 sol
Orbital Distance: 1.0 AU
Orbital Period: 439.4 standard days
Rotation Period: 17.57 standard hours
Axial Tilt: 31 degrees
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.02
Seismic Stress Factor: 3.57
Atmospheric Composition: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 0.5 atm
Surface Temperature (Mean): 10C/283K
Stellar Luminosity: 0.53
Orbit Factor: 591.385
Base Temperature: 10.031 degrees C
Length of day and Night: 8.785 standard hours
Native Life: Exists
Atmospheric Terraforming: Has occurred
Greenhouse Effect Terraforming: Has occurred
Albedo Terraforming: Has occurred
Hydrographic Percentage: 32%
Hydrographic Composition: Liquid water
Tectonic Plates: 1
Hydrographic Terraforming: Has occurred
Terrain Terraforming: Has occurred
Continents and Oceans: 4 major oceans, 2 minor oceans, 4 small seas, 4 scattered lakes
Volcanoes: 3
Processed Resources: Agroproducts, Metals, Non-Metals
Manufactured Resources: Consumables
Information Resources: Recordings, Software, Documents
Weather Control: Is practiced
Total World Population: 9,800,000,000 on surface, 200 million in orbit
Primary Large Cities: Juliana: 900,000,000; Karatzas: 100,000,000
Starports and Spaceports: A&C/B
Orbital Cities: Present
Representative Authority Guide -
Sept: The Juul place a great value on the number seven, and
sept governments reflect this value. Septs are councils of seven
individuals, appointed for life, and given the responsibility of
making all decisions relevant to rule of the world. The presence
of seven members creates an odd number of members and
avoids tie votes. Most governmental activity by sept governments
consists of directives to the operating or governing agencies.
Decisions and directives by the sept are accorded the force
of law by nest leaders (and thus by nest members), but
unanimous decisions have a higher or stronger force.
Uniformity of Law: Undivided
High Common Tech Level: F (J)
Low Common TL: 7
Energy TL: F
Computer/Robotics TL: E
Communications TL: F
Medical TL: F
Environment TL: F
Land Transport TL: F
Water Transport TL: F
Air Transport TL: F
Space Transport TL: G
Personal Military TL: F
Heavy Military TL: F
Novelty Tech Level: G

Social Outlook:
As an alien world, Anterra’s society is nearly impossible to describe, multiple sentient species inhabit the ancient terraformed planet. The people here seem simultaneously conservative or advancing depending on which group or even individual one is dealing with. The good news for the Human Continuum is that overall the world is unaggressive, and neutral towards the Continuum in attitude. While some groups might seem monolithic, or introspective, yet generally friendly; different areas are communal, others are diverse. There is a huge variety food and drink due to the alien population, the only taboo is cannibalism of other sentient species. Security personnel are identified by their headgear, distinguishing them from the other wild hair and clothing styles of the dizzying mix of alien species collected here.

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Re: Wolf 46 (Anterra)

Post by dragoner » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:59 pm

anterra and satellites.png
anterra and satellites.png (17.54 KiB) Viewed 256 times
crossroads station at anterra.png
crossroads station at anterra.png (50.03 KiB) Viewed 256 times
Crossroads Station UWP: C00484-11 (sub 2 for pop)

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Re: Anterra (Wolf 46)

Post by dragoner » Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:33 pm

Anterra (Wolf 46) A553A93-J N Hi Po 123 K5V

Wolf 46 is an ancient world, often referenced as “Crossroads” due to the station orbiting the planet that has been given over to Earth-Human habitation.

Even though the Navy has a base there, a border outpost type base it had to be abandoned throughout most of the war. The system is owned by a higher tech alien species called the Jul, or Juul, that not much is known about them except they are similar to Crown of Thorns sea stars in appearance, and like the star fish, are mostly aquatic:

The main planet there is called Anterra (These are Human names, as communication with the Jul is difficult, Jul, is a Vegan name for the aliens) that is a mega-city in the vein of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. More info on page 72-75 of the sidereal pdf I uploaded here: ... f=66&t=380

That is a far edge of Human space, and saw some heavy fighting, Harmony was the secret HQ of the Colonial Forces, which was subsequently bombed. Some call that a war crime, and most of the citizens of Harmony, a Luddite group that eschews digital tech, have and received permission to emigrate from Human Space. The Colonials responded to the bombing of Harmony with the bombing of the Aceh Tether (space elevator) on Earth, which is what brought the war to an end, to prevent further escalation. This was only a few years prior, so hard feelings remain on both sides.

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