Harmony (Stein 2051)

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Harmony (Stein 2051)

Post by dragoner » Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:43 pm

Harmony 6.png
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First settled by anti-digital technology Luddites in 2102; breaks into a central "Empire" ruled by a non-hereditary Queen, a southern Republic, plus various smaller peripheral "bandit" states. New colonists accepted as long as they conform to the original ways; otherwise the colony remains isolated by their own doing. During the Neo-Social War, the Colonial Alliance HQ secretly moved to Harmony as EV Lacertae is threatened by the Imperial Navy. 2208, the Battle of Harmony is fought, ending with the general bombing of Serene, first large scale urban bombing in over a century, called the "Harmony Massacre". Post war, the citizens of Harmony ask for, and are given transport to leave the human sphere, escaping towards the Cat's Paw Nebula. Small garrison of Imperial troops remain, so do a few groups of Luddite colonists remain, new colonists begin to filter in.

NAME: Harmony (Stein 2051 I Beta)
UWP: D785428-6
PBG: 421
TRADE CODES: Non-industrial
ALLEGIANCE: Imperial (Reconquest 2208)
STELLAR DETAILS: Primary Star: M4V; Binary Star: DC5 (white Dwarf)

Basic World Type: Terrestrial Planet
Planet Diameter: 7,300 miles (11,680 km)
Planet Density: Molten Core, 0.98 terra
World Mass: 0.657 terra
World Gravity: 0.858 terra
Planet Orbit Period: Tidal Locked Planet
Stellar Mass: 0.00098 sol 0.002 sol
Orbital Distance: 0.29 AU
Orbital Period: 8.6 standard days
Rotation Period: 0.0 standard hours
Axial Tilt: 6 degrees
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0
Seismic Stress Factor: 0.0

Atmospheric Composition: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 2.4 atm
Surface Temperature: 21C
Stellar Luminosity: 0.362
Orbit Factor: 591.385
Energy Absorption: 0.78
Greenhouse Effect: 1.15
Base Temperature: -1.982 degrees C
Length of day and Night: 0.0 standard hours
Native Life: Exists
Atmospheric Terraforming: Has not occurred
Greenhouse Effect Terraforming: Has not occurred
Albedo Terraforming: Has not occurred

Hydrographic Percentage: 47%
Hydrographic Composition: Liquid water
Tectonic Plates: 3
Hydrographic Terraforming: Has not occurred
Terrain Terraforming: Has not occurred
Continents and Oceans: 1 major oceans, 4 minor oceans, 10 small seas, 8 scattered lakes
Volcanoes: 3
Resources and Goods:
Natural Resources: Agriculture, Ores, Crystals, Compounds
Processed Resources: Agroproducts, Non-Metals
Manufactured Resources: Durables
Information Resources: Recordings
Weather Control: Is not practiced

Total World Population: 40,000
Moderate-Size Cities (UWP Pop-3): Cities=8, Population/City=5,000
Primary Cities: 8
Starports and Spaceports: D/H/G/G/D/D/H/H
Orbital Cities: None
Social Outlook:
Progressiveness: Conservative, Advancing
Aggressiveness: Unaggressive, Peaceable
Extensiveness: Fragmented, Xenophobic
Number of Customs: 1
Local Customs/Practicing Group:
No Tatooing on body/High social class.

Representative Authority Guide: Participating Democracy, Demos

High Common Tech Level: 6
Novelty Tech Level: 7

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Re: Harmony (Stein 2051)

Post by dragoner » Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:53 pm

Law Level 8 because there is an Imperial Army company at the main Starport at Serene. Where Star/Spaceport is stated D, it's a D class Starport (D Poor quality installation; only unrefined fuel available, no repair or shipyard facilities present), not TL 13, though as many of the old Luddites have left for the Cat's Paw, and for which the Earth is happy to see them go; other newer settlers can be bringing in other tech. G & H for "Spaceport", can also be symbolic of an airport.

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Re: Harmony (Stein 2051)

Post by dragoner » Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:17 pm

Some of this would be better asked in the ooc thread (so other players can see them). Wolf 46 (current location), Lacertae, Chi Draconis, and Gliese 809 all have Navy bases, they would horn in on an open battle in their visual perimeter.
dragoner wrote:
Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:45 am
Austronaut wrote:
Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:02 pm
"Chasing ancient treasure seems like a fools errand, a war just ended, there must be the Stars own plenty of wrecked shipping no?" she pressed.

"Seven Clubs," she called, before tossing the jack of clubs into the center, eliciting winces from the other players.
He eyeballs her before throwing down a card.

"Biggest battles in this area were Teegarden's Star an' V1581 Cygni, some smaller ones at Stein 2051, HR 8832, and EV Lacertae of course, the main shipyards, but the Navy is still occupying the place."

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