Sameen (HR 511)

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Sameen (HR 511)

Post by dragoner » Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:41 pm

Sameen 2b.jpg
Sameen 2b.jpg (88.05 KiB) Viewed 343 times
NAME: HR 511 I Gamma/Sameen
UWP: EAA7743-A
PBG: 524
TRADE CODES: Non-industrial
Orbital Zones: Primary Star: 2 (Bodies Orbit around Primary Star)

Basic World Type: Planet
Planet Diameter: 9,700 miles (15,520 km)
Planet Density: Molten Core, 0.96 terra
World Mass: 1.875 terra
World Gravity: 1.2 terra
Stellar Mass: 0.83 sol
Orbital Distance: 0.7 AU
Orbital Period: 234.8 standard days
Rotation Period: 38.186 standard hours
Axial Tilt: 31 degrees
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0
Seismic Stress Factor: 0.0

Atmospheric Composition: Dense
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 1.97 atm
Base Temperature: 19.763 degrees C
Length of day and Night: 19.093 standard hours
Native Life: Does not exist
Atmospheric Terraforming: Has not occurred
Greenhouse Effect Terraforming: Has not occurred
Albedo Terraforming: Has not occurred

Hydrographic Percentage: 68%
Hydrographic Composition: Atmosphere related chemical mix
Tectonic Plates: 11
Hydrographic Terraforming: Has not occurred
Terrain Terraforming: Has not occurred
Continents and Oceans: 5 major continents, 6 minor continents, 3 major islands, 8 archipelagoes
Resources and Goods:
Natural Resources: Ores, Crystals
Weather Control: Is not practiced

Total World Population: 50,000,000
Large Cities (UWP Pop-1): City : 6,000,000 City : 1,000,000 City : 2,000,000 City : 1,000,000
Medium-Large Cities (UWP Pop-2): Cities=5, Population/City=500,000
Moderate-Size Cities (UWP Pop-3): Cities=240, Population/City=50,000
Small Cities (UWP Pop-4): Cities=1,080, Population/City=5,000
Very Small Cities (UWP Pop-5): Cities=25,200, Population/City=500
Primary Cities: 1
Starports and Spaceports: E
Orbital Cities: None
Social Outlook:
Progressiveness: Progressive, Advancing
Aggressiveness: Passive, Neutral
Extensiveness: Harmonious, Friendly

Representative Authority Guide: Representative Democracy
Representative Authority: Ruler
Division of Authority: 3-way division
3-Way Division: Representative Authority - Executive, Other Authorities - Legislative, Judicial
Organisation of Other Authorities: Ruler, Ruler

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Re: Sameen (HR 511)

Post by dragoner » Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:04 pm


Sameen, itself a pre-war republic that has been destabilized by wave after wave of refugees, fleeing both the conflict and defeat. Sameen, meaning precious or valuable in Persian, and is a popular name across South Asia, this was more hopeful of the early colonists, Zoroastrians, who found a world of fairly hostile chemistry. An atmosphere that is simultaneously too dense, and quickly poisonous: 1.97 atm (N2 63.7%, O2 13.99%, Ar 10.67%, CO2 10.26%), the soil as well is contaminated with perchlorate salts, leaving what little native vegetation there is thin and reedy. The saving grace is the atmosphere is largely tolerable, such as at the remains of the starport in EL Centro, being 39C. With Sameen's slight ring, it is a pretty world, if a bit not green enough.

Before the war, Sameen had a population of 10 million, enough for a colony less than one hundred years old, in time they imported Yagachtya workers, who with further refugees their population is almost 20% of the worlds total. Nothing could prepare the world for an influx of 30 million (mostly humans, but mixed overall), starting as a rivulet during the fighting to a flood after the defeat of the Colonial Alliance, Sameen being a member. Sameen has resisted becoming a member of the Imperium, and an Imperial raid late war left their Class C Starport destroyed, reduced to a class E. Aid organizations such as the Red Star are here to help the refugees, though the situation is somewhat volatile as the original citizens and part of their Yagachtya work force, have retained the right to vote, waiting for either the refugees to repatriate, or apply to be citizens.

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Re: Sameen (HR 511)

Post by dragoner » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:13 pm

El Centro City.png
El Centro City.png (5.01 MiB) Viewed 319 times
El Centro City is a hodgepodge growth wise, as the original colony pre-war was a tenth of the size, thus Non-Industrial, and it had a C class Starport. Where the Imperium went on a tear and wrecked it 2 years prior, and waves of refugees have swelled the pop. The "wall" is the base of a frame that supports a transparent vapor barrier creating a dome, filtering the air to make it breathable, at 1 atm, vs the 1.97 atm (N2 63.7%, O2 13.99%, Ar 10.67%, CO2 10.26%) exotic atmosphere. The temple at the center of the city is a vast colonnaded Zoroastrian temple, built by Sameen's original colonists.

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Re: Sameen (HR 511)

Post by dragoner » Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:39 pm

HR 511 System Details:

Druj belt is from a planet that has broken up, and it is now a circumsolar debris ring. Ahrima's atmosphere is slowly being stripped and burned away by the primary, being turned into a Chthonian planet:

Chthonian planets (/ˈkθoʊniən/, sometimes 'cthonian') are a hypothetical class of celestial objects resulting from the stripping away of a gas giant's hydrogen and helium atmosphere and outer layers, which is called hydrodynamic escape. Such atmospheric stripping is a likely result of proximity to a star. The remaining rocky or metallic core would resemble a terrestrial planet in many respects.

Code: Select all


0		Druj Belt                       X000000-0	
1		Ahrima                          XB00000-0	   
	1	Dahaka                          YR00000-0	
	3	Daevas                          YR00000-0	
	6	Jeh                             YS00000-0	
	50	Tahmurasp                       H220300-9	
	225	Paitisha                        Y310000-0	
2		Sameen                          EAA7743-A	Ni         
3		Asha Belt                       X000000-0	
4		Mazda                           XC00000-0	      
	5	Manah                           H310000-A	Re 
	6	Asa                             Y100100-9	
	7	Xsaora                          Y200000-0	
	8	Armaiti                         G503000-A	Fueling Station 
	9	Haurvatat                       Y400000-0	
	10	Ameretat                        HS00000-A	Re 
5		Zinat                           G100366-9	
	55	Charmchi                        HS00164-9	
6		Jalal                           XB00000-0	
	1	Jalal Ring 1                    YR00000-A	Re 
	2	Jalal Ring 2                    YR00000-0	
	8	Shahzad                         Y301000-0	
	10	Mas'ud                          Y200000-0	
	11	Paniz                           HS00000-A	Re 
7		Cyrus                           XB00000-0	
	1	Cyrus Ring 1                    YR00000-0	
	3	Cyrus Ring 2                    YR00000-A	Re 
	4	Rostam                          Y100000-0	
	8	Jamshid                         YS00000-0	
	11	Shohreh                         HS00000-A	Re 
	25	Narges                          YS00000-0	
	40	Omid                            HS00000-A	Re 

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