Arrigo Station (EG 473)

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Arrigo Station (EG 473)

Post by dragoner » Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:49 am

EG 473 D Tri Fueling Station B160472-D J Ni 610 WD9

White Dwarf star type:
White Dwarf by Mark A Garlick.jpg
White Dwarf by Mark A Garlick.jpg (48.66 KiB) Viewed 188 times

EG 473 Arrigo Station (I Alpha) B160472-D J Ni
EG 473 Na'im (I Beta) X000000-0 A/P Belt
EG 473 Zemfira (I Gamma) G200313-C

Catalog numbers:
Giclas (G) 174-14, Luyten Half-Second (LHS) 1446 , Eggen/Greenstein white dwarf (EG) 473
Arity: singular
Distance from Sol: 33.6 light-years (10.3 parsecs)
Spectral class: DC9
Luminosity Class: wd

Refueling Station Arrigo, Stanford Torus style
Torus_Exterior_AC76-0525_1920.jpg (326.3 KiB) Viewed 188 times
Radius 1500m/3km diameter
Circumference 9.425km
Width 1000m/1km
Interior area 9.425km^2
Population 60,000
Population Density 6,367 per km^2 (NYC for comparison is 10,841 people per square km)
Angular Velocity 0.77 rpm
Rim Speed 121.3 m/s
Artificial Gravity 1G
Torus Cross Section.png
Torus Cross Section.png (57.73 KiB) Viewed 187 times
Two Governments, a Representative Democracy civil administration, and a Station Corporation

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