Anasztáz (Gliese 67)

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Anasztáz (Gliese 67)

Post by dragoner » Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:31 pm

Gliese 67 Anasztaz B767721-E Ag Ri 812 G1V
Anasztaz Political Map.jpg
Anasztaz Political Map.jpg (183.85 KiB) Viewed 119 times
35,186 km equatorial circumference, grid square equals 1000 km.

History: Anasztáz, Resurrection in Hungarian, first settled in 2149. Old Capital Szent István, original colonist pop of 500,000 Hungarians has grown to nearly 2 million out of a total world population of 80 million. The new capital is Modal Baru, other major cities are Novi Beograd, Ostrava, and Highland.

Gliese 67 Anasztaz B767721-E Ag Ri 812 G1V
Proper names: HD 10307, Gliese (Gl) 67, Bonner Durchmusterung (BD) +41°328
Distance from Sol: 41.2 light-years (11.23 parsecs)
Arity: Binary, M3V companion (4.2-10.5 AU orbit)
Age: 7.6 billion years
Spectral Class: G1V/M3V
Mass: 1.12 sol
Radius: 0.59 sol
Luminosity: 1.45 sol
Orbital Distance: 228,884,742 km (1.53 AU)
Radius: 5,600 km
Gravity: 0.91G
Orbit Period: 655.05 Days
Rotation: 25.7 hrs
Mean Temp: 293K/20C
Atmosphere: 1.1 atm (N2 78%, O2 21%, Ar 1%)
Water/Ice Index: 73%
Population: 80,000,000
Moons: 1
Kossuth Y310000-0

Native Life: Exists

Natural Resources: Agriculture, Ores, Compounds
Processed Resources: Agroproducts, Metals, Non-Metals

Anasztáz Terrain Map:
AnasztazTerrain.jpg (181.76 KiB) Viewed 119 times

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