Meilán (107 Piscis)

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Meilán (107 Piscis)

Post by dragoner » Wed May 06, 2020 12:35 pm

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Settled by the Spanish around 100 years ago, Meilán is a tidelocked planet orbiting a K1V orange star in an orbital period of 243.777 standard days. World circumference is 35,688 km. Capital Durruti Total planetary pop ~3 million, with 80% on western island around Durruti, Twilight Isles to the west denote the terminator where darkness begins. Durruti's average year round temp is 27c, light of the star 107 Piscis always at around 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning, comparative to Earth. Alcubierre Mountains shield the Western Isle from the Storm Desert, caused by the hot side always turned towards the star, high winds, and frequent unpredictable weather.

Four years ago the battle of 107 Piscis occurred when a combined Vijayan fleet attacked an Imperial auxiliary fleet bringing troops and supplies to the fleets besieging Delta Trianguli. A victory for Vijaya, they withdrew as the attacking Imperial fleets withdrew from Delta Trianguli to re-establish control. When Imperial Marines retreated from the 107 Piscis system 2 years ago, they demolished the then C class starport. Subsequently Meilán (107 Piscis) applied to come under control, as a colony of Fermi (Kappa Ceti), for defense and support rebuilding. Fermi's administration could be considered "loose" at best, letting the locals handle the day to day business of running their planet. 500,000 refugees from the war have settled here in the last few years, creating a somewhat more chaotic situation than normal. The Imperial naval element in both the Tau Ceti and Eta Cassiopeiae zones have accused Meilán of being a base for smuggling and piracy.
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