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Post by Legion » Thu Feb 07, 2019 4:03 pm

Merchant 2nd Officer, ex Navy Lt Cmndr, 768DB3 age 38
5 Terms Cr.72210

Skills: Computer 1, Electronics 1, Laser Carbine 2, Navigation 1, Pilot 3, Ships Boat 1, Vacc Suit 1

Service History:Term 1: Enlist: Navy, fail to be commissionedTerm 2: Commissioned and promoted LieutenantTerm 3: Promoted Lt CmndrTerm 4: Enlist as Merchant, Commissioned and Promoted 3rd OfficerTerm 5: Promoted 2nd Officer

Race/Sex: Human Male
Age: 38

Str 8
Dex 6
End 8
Int D
Edu B
Soc 3

Term 1

Enlist: Navy

Adancement: no

Skill: Electronics 1, Laser Carbine 1

Term 2


Adancement: Commissioned Ensign, Promoted Lieutenant

Skill: Ships Boat 1, Laser Carbine +1,

Term 3


Adancement: Promoted Lt Cmdr

Skill: Navigation 1, Pilot 1

Term 4

Enlist: Merchants

Adancement: Commission, Promoted 3rd Officer

Skill: Computer 1, End +1, Pilot +1

Term 5


Adancement: Promoted 2nd Officer

Skill: Vacc Suit 1, Pilot +1

Mustering Out:

Navy: 50k, Low Passage, 20k, +2 Edu, Low Passage

Merchant: +2 int, Laser Carbine, 40k

Ageing -1 Str, -1End used 2 development points to restore stats and added 1 to strength
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Re: Leon

Post by Legion » Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:11 pm

Laser Carbine (8000 grams, including power pack; TL 8):

Electronic Sights (1 500 grams; Cr2000; TL 9)

Vacc Suit (13) Cr10,OOO. Similar to tech level 8 vacc suit
but communicator is capable of 50km range and suit has no
apparent weight to wearer

Reflec (Cr1500; TL 10):

Combat Armor (Cr20000; TL 11)

Cold Weather Clothing (10) Cr800.

Electronic Tool Set (7) Cr2000.

Inertial Locator (9) Cr1200

Hand Computer (1 1) Cr1000.

Magnetic Compass (3) CrlO

Counter, Radiation - "Geiger Counter" TL 10, 100Cr

Torch, electric TL8 30Cr

First Aid Kit TL13 500Cr


Combination Mask 150Cr

total 37,790
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Re: Leon

Post by Legion » Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:40 pm


In the navy for 12 years, to start with i was not really accepted by the officer class, probably because of my social standing. Don't really like the suits. Then I did a Sharp like thing and rescued a senior officer which left him alive and 4 others dead. Since then I had a sponsor of sorts, had to do his dirty work but did get lots of unorthodox training and skills. Just before the war i did one job too many for my sponsor and had to lie low for awhile.

This led me to take up employment in the merchant navy. I suppose due to my experience in the navy this led to fast advancement to 2nd office in such a short time. This led to me enhancing my piloting skills. A few adventures later and a good bit of cash. The merchant navy does not give the same excitement as the original navy. I end my contract and seem to be in a back end planet that was bombed by my first employment employees. ............
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