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Every World in One System

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:49 am
by dragoner
A million planets in a construct around a black hole ... anets.html

It is drawn from an awesome blog by an astrophysicist, here: ... ar-system/

Nice visualizations. I would imagine if it was a construct, such as a work of art, it would need machinery to keep it stable, and the planets from tide locking or colliding, etc.; imagine a giant silver marble of liquid metal, suspended above and drawing energy from the super-massive black hole, tidal forces bringing cascades of mercury on it's surface. Not only just a ring system of planets, as sphere, it could encompass normal solar systems, many worlds can by connected by wormhole gates, and higher tech planets can be set up in a trojan pattern, and connected by space elevators that never really touch the ground. Even if not a million worlds, a few tens or hundreds of thousands could use every known setting, almost.

The idea of it being art is very cool, the first sentience creates it to celebrate life, then brings life back from the universe to live in it, to experience art while living it, and being part of it. It would be a crowning achievement for a civilization.