Elliott von Rossveldt

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Elliott von Rossveldt

Post by forbin » Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:23 pm

Elliott von Rossveldt, late of Tukera Star Lines, Second Officer rank

Age: 38

1 2-year term, Sector Space Navy
4 terms Sector-wide Merchant Marine service with Tukera Star Lines

1 Purple Heart, Sector Space Navy
1 Combat Action ribbon, Sector Space Navy
1 Merchanter's Patch, "I Survived SpecTradTour 1097", Tukera Lines

Master of Liberal Arts, with concentrations in Sector Polity and Trading Affairs
Lunion University

UPP (final): 2 5 9 B F B
UPP (initial): 4 7 9 A B B

Slightly tall and very thin for these reaches of the Galaxy, on 2013 Earth, he'd be about 6' 0" and weight only 165 lbs. Elliott is very fair-skinned with reddish hair and a very neatly trimmed beard. He can project an air of noble upbringing when necessary, but most of the time prefers to be simply invisible, wearing the most conservative and common styles and even coloring his hair and beard if needed so he doesn't stand out. Alone with friends in a safe environment he can be gregarious and even goofy at times. At these times his mannerisms can be torn in two directions: his upbringing dictates he be somewhat of a snob and rely on his social class; his background, training, and personal beliefs dictate that he be an egalitarian who accepts all Sophonts on the basis of their abilities and merits.





Elliott originally applied to the Imperial Marines with high hopes of an illustrious career, but was rejected because of his STR 4 score. He was then drafted into the Sector-wide Space Navy. This catastrophically ended with him receiving mortal injuries during a strike action his second year in. He spent a year and a half in the Naval Hospital at Lunion where the best doctors rebuilt him the best they could.

Upon medical discharge, he tried to join up with a local shipping line, but they rejected him as without skills and looking too weak. Thus, he matriculated at Lunion University where he did amazingly well. He did not have the best grades, but he absorbed everything they had to teach. (Edu+6, maxxed out at 15.)

Next, being rather full of himself, he approached the top Sector-wide Merchant lines on planet: Tukera Star Lines. They were intrigued by his encyclopedic knowledge of trading affairs and politics, and gave him a chance.

They refused an immediate commission, then a captain saw him trying to manhandle a deck polisher and failing at it. Guessing he'd kill himself and others as a normal deckhand, he figured it was safer if "Ell" were an officer and put him up for exams. These he passed with flying colors, and so was immediately sent off as a Cadet on a hazardous but potentially very profitable Speculative Trading Tour.

This didn't end well.

He returned to base having gotten himself completely shot up... again!

Fortunately, he learned to handle himself in a Vacc Suit before the fight, and spent his convalescence time studying computers. 26 years old and having been seriously injured twice, he was now older, wiser, much more humble, and MUCH more cautious!

Upon return to active merchant service, he took the Fourth Officer exam and again passed it with flying colors on the first try.

The shipping line decided to keep him around a bit. Based on his outstanding scores and broad education, they sent him to command school. He failed to distinguish himself there, not really being command material. He learned a lot about administration, though: both in planetside affairs and shipping lines.

He then settled in (finally!) for a relatively calm career:
One Charter trip...
Two exploratory trade missions...
Over seven years of plying the trade lanes.

He paid attention, and due to his high intelligence and education he seemed to pick up skills wherever he went. The Merchant Marine served him well in this regard. He left after 13 years service with the shipping lines (he calls them his "lucky 13"), retiring at the same age he would have if he'd had the 20 year career in the Marines that he'd expected to have.

He expected to return to Lunion for his retirement, but due to the Armistice, somehow found himself on this rock instead. He’s torn between the desire to go out and see some of the adventure he missed out on as a youth, and his more rational and mature desires to simply get himself home without getting shot up yet again.
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Re: Elliott Rossveldt

Post by forbin » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:28 am

[These were added by the GM.]

As part of his surgeries, Elliott was provided with a prosthetic exoskeleton. Very thin and discreet, it is hardly noticeable to others unless they have an extensive medical background or are looking for it.

DM+6 to STR, DM+2 to DEX.

His resulting UPP when the exoskeleton is active is 8 7 9 B F B.

This doesn't count for combat damage. (i.e. Elliotts hit points are still 16, not 24.)

The exoskeleton is for a medical condition, not a military or exploratory unit.
Power is provided from batteries; a month charge per 0.5kg battery with partial power recovery from movements. It is composed of thin polymer strips and other lightweight alloys and composites.
This is a high TL device (13+).

Elliott has 2 battery packs: one he wears, and a backup that he keeps on a charger connected to his stateroom power. He regularly exchanges these so they age or wear evenly.

Along with the exoskeleton, Elliott has a wafer jack with a wireless connector implant that allows him to access computers directly under conscious control. This is something he can manually turn on and off so that hostiles cannot use it as an attack mechanism.
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Re: Elliott Rossveldt

Post by forbin » Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:29 am

Candidate Equipment List
In various formats.
(99.81 KiB) Downloaded 146 times
Traveller - User Kit.xls
(22.5 KiB) Downloaded 121 times
(76 KiB) Downloaded 134 times
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EQUIPMENT - Elliott von Rossveldt

Post by forbin » Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:46 pm

Equipment List
Posted here as text so I can refer to it quickly.
* = Typically carried all the time.
** = Typically carried unless it would be problematic, such as Law Level.

1 Vacc Suit (EVA layer= Cloth-1 + Reflec)
1 Vacc Helmet w/ HUD & links
1 Ballistic weave body suit (like a cloth armor onesie)
1 Cloth armor (normal) **
1 Reflec undersuit **
1 Combo Mask

1 Computer, hand (tablet) *
1 Communicator, pers, med. rng. *
1 Wristwatch, chrono *

6 Civvies
3 Ship's working uniforms
1 Cold Weather Gear
1 Dress Uniform
2 Shipboard shoes
1 Planetside casual shoes
1 Dress shoes
1 Dress boots
1 Work/cbt. boots
2 Ship's ballcaps
4 Aussie Slouch Hats
1 Duffel bag, ultralight
* Clothing worn as appropriate to situation.

1 HUD Sunglasses *
1 HUD contact lenses *
[He will always have one or the other or both of these with him, not necessarily wearing.]

1 Stealth knife **

1 Shotgun, cbt ship/police, gyrostabilized w/ recoil & wgt. reduction,smart security, elec. sights
2 Magazines, plain, contains 6 cbt buckshot
1 Mag, red striped, contains 5 taser KO rounds
1 Mag, blue striped, contains 5 beanbag rounds

1 Carbine, recoil & wgt. reduction, smart security, elect. sights
6 magazines, 10 rnds each

1 Pistol**, semiauto, 9mm, recoil & wgt. reduction, smart security, elec. sights
10 Magazines, 15 shots each

1 Holster, pistol, concealed
1 Holster, pistol, tactical
1 Knife Sheath, stealth concealed
1 Knife Sheath, regular "tool knife"

Gun cleaning / small parts repair / maintenance kits: one for each weapon.

100 Shotgun shells, combat
50 Shotgun shells, beanbag nonlethal
10 Shotgun taser KO shells

100 Ammo, carbine ball
50 Ammo, carbine DS
50 Ammo, carbine HEAP

150 Ammo, pistol (was included with magazines)
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Equipment "Rules"

Post by forbin » Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:53 pm

Single asterisk means almost always carrying or wearing unless he really cannot. For example he might wear his watch to bed (some folks do) but the handcomp would certainly be on the bedside table. Things like the HUD contacts and sunglasses would depend on the situation but he'd usually have one or the other with him even if not armed with a weapon at that moment. For example, going into a bar at night in the bad part of town, he'd probably wear the contacts and maybe have the sunglasses in a jacket pocket. Of course, he'd probably be armed for that. Noontime doing common business on Raweh, probably glasses in his shirt pocket, wearing them outside, and maybe the contacts in a case in a pants pocket.

Double asterisk means "wearing or carrying whenever possible, at discretion of law level and situation." The suit of reflec under-armor is just between 1 and 2 asterisks: worn very often. The ballistic cloth jacket, a little less so. The pistol and knife are worn in the appropriate holster or sheath depending on the law level; on low law levels they're only displayed when this is no cause for concern and won't provoke anything.

If Elliott is going into known or extremely expected trouble, he can be counted on to violate only 1 law level without being asked. For example, he'd very likely wear the pistol and knife, thoroughly concealed, at LL 5 unless afraid of getting caught. He nearly always wear his pistol in LL 0-4. More likely concealed than not as LL's go up to 4. A similar pattern would go with the knife but at LL 9, not 5. Otherwise he generally obeys the law levels.

(I will try to always indicate what he's actually doing, but of course there will be times such as now when there wasn't a chance. Elliott won't always be breaking 1 law level... that's more of a "he will break 1 level at specific need, and never break 2 or more law levels without one heck of a reason for doing so.")
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