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Re: Godric Chargen Thread

Post by dragoner » Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:26 am

Yes, TL 13 is fine for a vacc suit. Laser pistols are short Laser Carbines, as written up in JTAS #2:

Characteristics - Length: 350 mm.
Weight: 750 grams. Base Price: Cr 2000.

For the purposes of firing,
treat the laser pistol as if it were a laser
carbine but with a DM of -1 at medium
and -2 at long range to reflect
that the lack of a shoulder stock makes
it harder to aim.

Crossbow is in Supplement 4:

Sporting Crossbow: A small crossbow designed for hunting; it is cocked by a
level along its side which then draws back the string to a catch activated by the
trigger. The crossbow weighs 3000 grams and measures 900mm along the bow and
800mm along the stock. Bolts (arrows) weigh 100 grams each, but are not interchangeable
with any other type. Cocking and reloading the sporting crossbow requires
one full turn, during which the individual is treated as evading. One shot is
allowed per round.

As far as what you really need, I would say there are shotguns, and autopistols in the ship's locker; don't let that stop you from going for what you want, weapons wise. I only have a rough outline of the adventure, as it goes on, if people want to change course, that's fine. Generally, reality-wise, combat is throwing a grenade, and then shoulder arm fire; this isn't so much normal for encounters, civilian mostly will be pistols and knives. Though I think most combat situations are won and lost before any shots are fired, as an observation.

Taki is live now, as they are in the bar where he is:


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