Vargr Vocabulary

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Vargr Vocabulary

Post by dragoner » Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:44 pm

Vuenguertokhol, rae kuedz arrorourrredzae 'Tokhol."*

*Roughly translated, "Vuenguertokhol, everyone calls me 'Tokhol."

Or literally: me/rae called/kuedz (by) everyone/arrorourrredzae.

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Re: Vargr Vocabulary

Post by Bindoner » Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:22 pm

The vocab list I've been working from ( things I've pulled from published sources to compose phrases in posts ). I will tidy it up when I have time, at present it's in the order I needed the words:

fae: my
fe: me; own.
thoesokhou: to fascinate
zhouderr: wanderer; to wander
girskhaen: to desire to take
dzall: to discover, to find
knutoel oegno: new-found.
anaegh: creature.
kerrae: animal
nakhae: beast.
voghvaeng: to welcome
uerrzdezlurz: to overcome a great force, to vanquish, to conquer.
zerknoudh: to feel
zerknouelhvur: to be happy, to feel pleased
rroaella: to end battle when outnumbered, to surrender
dhathoudz: quest, search.
fuezour: to make to sit.
Zari: Tail
Ghuzoukhin: An individual of high charisma.
Dhakthu: A Vargr who surrenders when infighting
fa: in; possessive article
vue to have
ka: him.
kae: he
rraenllirrg: to find unexpectedly.
toenge: to live; you
gnoegh: no.
kfeulluen: to be able to, can
tsoungaveng: recently
tadafokfe: to be bored, to grow tired of routine
zeknung: to be cruel.
rillokh: possible
Kuvargr: Blood pack (family).
Vaghzkourr: Hunter, provider.
kniterrgh: to resist vigorously.
naerroenaerz: to reject softly.
ksugh: perhaps.
vae: who, whom
ugz: us.
anuthdhoto: to decide
aestou: journey
aethagzkfang: together.
khokhe: future.
hvaek: agreement, contract, pact, treaty, understanding
nu: to.
tsodhong: to be a child, to be like a child
goersghekfe begin anew
zhoegae: to lead with honor
zhatanoe: to seize after a long battle

Sa - prefix indication past action
ngu - prefix indicating future action

tsoe - placed after subject to indicate command

zatangogz: to accompany.
vongigaer: to be impressed.

aenrraz: to kill an animal.

Ilanan: to devour, to eat.

tsavooung: hearty, lavish.

koers: food

rrerrge: to demand.
rreturu: to insist on keeping.

sourztourrgh: corsairs

zhatanoe: to seize after a
long battle.

vae: who, whom.

fezlae: goods, merchandise.

Vaegh: To take a life, kill.

Vaghzkourr: Hunter, provider.

Sa - prefix indication past action
ngu - prefix indicating future action

kfeulluen: to be able to, can

voukae: grand.
agud: jewel.

girskhaen: to desire to take.

aerzrraegh: to please a superior

akkaezhing: to be filled.
dak: of.

fa: in; possessive article (denotes possession).

zaluvoezdetz: to repay a kindness.

aenrra: brother.
artoevukha: to send.
dzall: to discover, to find.
foeloel: friend.
errgthou: helper, minion.
knoegno: to appreciate.
veukh nga: sergeant, minor
sueltavargr: craftsman,
scientist, technician;
oezhong: system.
zathutz: position.

thaenu: to ask politely.
goersghe: to begin, to start.
Ilurghang: to leave a false trail.
ngezde: to escape.

kfetanaegh: cooperation.
ugz: us.

nu: to.
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