Gas and Tranq: Snub Pistols

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Gas and Tranq: Snub Pistols

Post by dragoner » Fri Feb 28, 2020 9:50 pm

Effects of Gas and Tranq: Snub pistols can fire gas or tranquilizer rounds.
Gas will only affect an individual who is not protected by a vacc suit, combat
armor, battle dress, or breathing masks. It imposes ID hits on the turn it hits and
on the two succeeding turns.

Tranq is a drug injected by a special cartridge and may or may not be in
sufficient dosage to affect an individual. The target, when hit, must throw his
endurance or less to avoid being affected. If the throw fails, the target is immediately
rendered unconscious.

Unconsciousness last for 10 minutes per standard wounding rules.

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