Type M Subsidized Liner

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Type M Subsidized Liner

Post by dragoner » Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:22 am

Subsidized Liner (type M): Using a 600-ton hull, the subsidized liner is a passenger
and freight carrier committed to long-haul routes. It has jump drive-J, maneuver drive-
C, and power plant-J, giving performance of jump-3 and 1G acceleration. Fuel tankage
for 210 tons supports the power plant and allows one jump-3. Adjacent to the bridge
is a computer Model/3. There are thirty staterooms and twenty low berths. The ship
has three hardpoints and three tons set aside for fire control. No weapons are installed.
There is one ship's vehicle: a 20-ton launch. Cargo capacity is 129 tons. The hull is

The subsidized liner requires a crew of nine: pilot, navigator, three engineers, three
stewards, and one medic. Up to three gunners may be added. The ship can carry 21
high or middle passengers and twenty low passengers. The pilot operates the launch.
The ship costs MCr236.97 (including 10% discount for standard designs) and takes
22 months to build.


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