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Taki Aka Ortega

Post by Rojo Ortega » Sun Nov 17, 2019 5:27 pm

Name: Taki Aka Ortega (alias: Rojo, or Rojo-san)
Adjusted UPP: 76AA67
Age: 38
Homeworld: Mars
  • Air/Raft - 1
  • Admin - 2
  • Electronics -2
  • Gunnery - 1
  • Jack of all Trades - 1
  • Mechanical - 1
  • Navigation -1
  • Pilot -1
Taki is of Nihon-Latino descent. Parents (and their parents before them dating back to the colonization of Mars) are public figureheads for the Martian Mineral Collective. It is a prescriptive, public life that is more about representation colonist traditions than it is about leading them into the future.

Youngest of 7 siblings, Taki stood to inherit very little (if anything at all) and, with anegathic developments, not for a very long time (if ever). At 18, he joined the Scouts and left Mars for nearly 20 yeas. At this time, Joan Akira was known only as the up-and-coming CEO of Apollo Corporation, and family "friend."

When Taki returned, he found his family's estate had been reclaimed under an Edict of Imminent Domain, authorized by the Empress herself. His family, the ones that weren't confirmed as "MIA", reportedly had "fled" from the conflict, and hadn't been heard from since.

Taki learned, through tracking down some former employees who held the family's confidence in trust, was that Joan Akira had double-crossed and executed/imprisoned any one in his family of any consequence. This explains why he may have survived unnoticed, but is always looking over his back. For once, his birth-order may have been the one inherited thing that gave him hope. Having been gone for so long meant he was likely not credited as having any serious claim to the family name.

Truthfully, he didn't want the claim, or the name. Nor did he want to die because of them.

Service Record
Term 1 (age 22)
Station: Gliese 445
Taki tested in to the Scouts with aspirations to become a pilot. He tested well on the exams and was liked by most of his teachers. However, he spent most of his time on-board his first expedition below decks, learning to repair (by whatever means was available) all manner of mechanical gear, devices, and ship components.
Mechanical-1, Pilot-1,
Taki re-enlisted voluntarily.

Term 2 (age 26)
Station: Mu Cassioppeiae
Having shown some aptitude for "gaining efficiencies" out of machines and men, he was invited to participate on the bridge as Quality Assurance support for the ship's navigators. When he wasn't on deck, Taki was leaning more and more into the field of electronics.
Electronics-1, Navigation-1
Taki re-enlisted voluntarily.

Term 3 (age 30)
Station: Mu Cassioppeiae
Spent two years of this deployment, supporting geological survey efforts along the unregistered routes to Ross-28. Taki was initially sent "in case" there was need for mechanical field repairs, but ended up doing double duty as the ground team's "chauffeur".
Air Raft-1, Electronics-1
Taki re-enlisted voluntarily.

Term 4 (age 34)
Station: Giclas 258-33
Taki's aspirations to become a bonafide Scout Pilot were never realized. Being the youngest of seven had some bearing on Taki's disposition towards others. And it was this disposition, one of "escalation", that prevented him from gaining the recommendations he needed to continue flight school.
Namely, he viewed every encounter as a "proving grounds" where he would have to fight for whatever gains he hoped to achieve. He was constantly brawling, verbally and physically. This tendency was both a way to blow off steam, and a way for him to exercise his "pursuit of efficiency." The ship's officers tolerated a wrestling club PURELY as a kindness to Taki (and some of the others) to great effect. With scheduled time on the calendar to "work it out", Taki's escalations decreased.
Admin-1*, Dexterity+1, Endurance+1
Taki re-enlisted voluntarily.

Term 5 (age 38)
Station: Gliese 445
By the end of Taki's fourth term, his maturity saw him seeking to to apply his physical wrestling prowess to mental problems. His need to prove himself physically shifted towards diplomacy. He still strove to "win", in the end, but he looked for ways to make it appear as if his winning was the opposition's idea.
Having made himself useful from stem to stern, Taki was a versatile jack-of-all-trades... but master of none. And this suited him just fine. He was even known to hop in the gunner seat during threats of piracy. His wrestling tapered off, as did his temper, and he was the person you wanted at the Comms when negotiations were underway.
Admin-2*, Gunnery-1, Jack-o-Trades-1
Taki retired from the Scouts to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

Mustering Out
  • Cr.90,000
  • Low Passage
  • +2 to Intelligence
Spending +3 GM Points
Increase SOC by +1
*Add Admin-2
Martian Scout: Taki Aka Ortega ("Rojo") Age: 38
UPP: 76AA67
Skills: Admin-2, Air/Raft-1, Gunnery-1, Electronics-2, Jack-of-Trades-1, Mechanical-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-1

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Re: Taki Aka Ortega

Post by Rojo Ortega » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:00 pm

Now that Rojo has joined the team. His equipment list has been turned in to the captain. Not that there's anything particularly unique.

General Equipment
  • Combo Respirator/Filter Mask TL-5, Cr.150 (p53)
  • Hand Computer TL-11, Cr1000, 500g (p53)
  • Electric Torch TL-1, Cr1 (p53)
  • Text Recorder TL-13, Cr1200, 1kg (p54)
  • Mechanical Tool Set TL-5, Cr.1000, 20kg (p54)
  • Electronic Tool Set TL-7, Cr.2000, 5kg (p54)
  • Medium Range Comms TL-13, 100g (p54)
  • Vacc Suit TL-13, Cr.10,000, 0kg (p4, book 2)
Combat Equipment
  • Slingshot TL-0, 0g (S04, p17)
This low-tech weapon is easily disguised. The pellets form a magnetized ring of bracelets, feigning as a muted fashion accessory. The slingshot itself is worn as a belt. The rigid components form the handle and wings of the slingshot, the belt webbing provides the ballistic elastic bands.
Range: Close-1, Short+3, Medium-0, Long/Very Long-x
Damage: 2d6
Projectile: 100g Pellet
  • Laser/Stun Pistol TL-?, 500g (xx)
Rojo always goes for the least violent/damaging approach, and prefers for people to "just simmer down so we can talk."
  • Carbine TL-5, Cr.200, 3kg (p4, book 2)
This is a family heirloom weapon (of sorts). It belonged to Rojo's maternal grandfather. It is the last artifact he owns that connects him to his family's past.
  • Mesh Armor TL-7, Cr.150, 2kg (p4, book 2)
Martian Scout: Taki Aka Ortega ("Rojo") Age: 38
UPP: 76AA67
Skills: Admin-2, Air/Raft-1, Gunnery-1, Electronics-2, Jack-of-Trades-1, Mechanical-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-1

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